Overseas Pre-wedding Photography

Hello thank you so much for your interest in my overseas pre-wedding photography! Below is the FAQ section that could help answer some of the questions you might have:

1) Do you have any scheduled overseas pre-wedding photoshoot for year 2017 and 2018?
Nope, I usually do not plan any overseas photoshoot for any particular period every year. I can travel overseas for photoshoot as long as I do not need to photograph any wedding in that particular period. Hence, just let me know your desired overseas destination and the dates you wish to travel and we can discuss further from there :)

2) Do you bring along a make-up artist?
Yes, a make-up artist from Singapore or Malaysia is always included in my overseas pre-wedding photoshoot. The make-up artist will follow through the photoshoot session to touch up and assist me in some critical situations to achieve a better shot(yes, she is a very important team member). The make-up artist can also do hair-styling and provide trial make-up if needed. The make-up artist is usually a senior professional from my Recommended Vendors whom I’ve worked together many times before.

3) How much do you charge for overseas pre-wedding photography? 
You may email me at kentwongkwp@gmail.com for my package details and traveling availability. Feel free to ask me any question you might have in the email :)

4) Do you bring many couples in each trip to average down the costs like air-tickets & accommodation for you and the make-up artist? Will the price be cheaper if there are many couples joining the trip?
Nope, my price is fixed regardless of the number of the couples in the trip. To ensure best results for every couple, each trip is limited to 3 couples only and each destination is limited to 1 couple.

5) How early should we do the pre-wedding photoshoot before the wedding?
It’s better at least 4 months before your wedding for best quality and ensure there is sufficient time for photos selection, editing, album layouts design, review and album printing.

6) What is your signature style in overseas pre-wedding photography?
Elegant, classic, dramatic.

7) Do you provide wedding gowns and men suits?
Nope, I don’t, as I would like to fully focus on the photography part to make the best quality photographs to the wedding couples. I also don’t tie up with any bridal boutique at the moment. If you need good quality gowns, you can pay a visit to the great gown designers in my Recommended Vendors.

8) Will you guide and pose us during the photoshoot?
Yes, some guidance and story-telling directions will be given so that you look gorgeous, natural and elegant in the photos. I would also love to capture the unscripted moments that happen during the photoshoot. So just relax and have fun :)